Sunday, May 10, 2015


A Photo Essay in Regards to Some Local Performance Art that Stands on It's Own.


In this thing called Wisconsin there is a nominal lil' feller who likes to sling odd rhymes and get sleazy with his old lady on stage. Sometimes it gets a bit absurd, but that's all part of the nature of the game, right?

  Not for lack of sheer spectacle, the hip-hop ambassador calling himself  'Lo Double T' is not afraid to raise the bar on the absurd when it comes to throwing down in front of a batch of drunken fools at whatever venue will take him (and his equally game spouse Amanda).

It's all in the name of art and some folks have even come to refer to it as 'The Gospel'.


Check them beats (several recordings, including the hot-shit album 'Pretty Dead', are readily available for human consumption) at.......